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Chris Bowler

An Idiot Abroad - The Bucket List


There have been several TV shows and movie dedicated to doing bucket lists, but a new program debuting on the Science Channel is An Idiot Abroad 2 - The Bucket List.  The show chronicles reluctant traveler, Karl Pilkington, through a series of bucket list activities. The twist is that his colleagues, Ricky and Stephen, are in control.  Standard bucket list items like Bungee jumping turn into something unexpected.  In the first episode, Karl chickens out in doing the typical Bungee jump off of a bridge in New Zealand, only to find that his friends have thrown in a twist to challenge him to dive from a rickety tower made by a local tribe.  It's ten times more scary than the original jump he avoided.

The show is both entertaining and funny. Turns out that Karl and his overseers are comedians in the UK.  The show airs weekly and we'll see what other bucket list items become tortuous and harrowing experiences. 


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Chris Bowler

An email from Pat



Sometimes we get a wake-up call from out of the blue.  Mine came within an email, from a woman named Pat. 


Here's her email:


I found your website but for other reasons. I just learned I have brain cancer. It is inoperable. I was an active, productive teacher of children (grades 3 and 4) and suddenly realize I am having difficulty doing simple things. Gosh, that sucks. 
I made good, sound educational decisions and now my brain has trouble doing little things. 
You're young and your life is ahead of you. I'm looking back and I see so many regrets. And I shouldn't because I did a lot of good things. I taught a generation of students, I influenced a generation. But I'm looking, glaring at the few errors I did make. Like, why didn't I make better financial decisions? Why do I hold on to past regrets? I am a child of an alcoholic and I can't get past that? Why? 
I have no idea why I am writing these thoughts to a complete stranger, but I am. Maybe because a complete stranger may have an answer. And who knows? You may never even look at your own website. But I needed to write and get it on paper. 
Any way. Have a good life. And I have a feeling you make a difference in a lot of people's lives. 
- From someone in NYS. 


I saved Pat's email but didn't follow up.  That was back in late 2008.  It was one of those things that make an impact for me.  And why, after receiving hundreds of emails about the Bucket Quiz, that I decided to keep it going, and even to create the present website.  Pat didn't even see this latest incarnation, but saw the previous version of the Quiz. 


Pat battled her cancer until June, 2009 and then passed away.  I wasn't aware at the time but in writing about her email, I discovered this news, almost three years later. 


Pat didn't know exactly why she bothered to write me that email.    But perhaps by publishing it now, others can appreciate what Pat saw, and turn to live life to the fullest.  Rest in peace, Pat - you continue to teach others even today.

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Chris Bowler

The Bucket List - Revisted


No other movie was responsible for driving interest in creating bucket lists than, of course, The Bucket List. 

Bucket_list_poster.jpgReleased in 2007, The Bucket List starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as two terminally ill old men who decide to spend their last days accomplishing things on their mutually-shared bucket list.  Their list is short - it appears on a crumpled piece of paper throughout the film - but what's interesting is that both men commit to achieving each item.  The movie then takes us around the world to incredible places such as the Great Wall of China (where they motorcycle along the wall) to the base of Mount Everest (where they arrive in the wrong season to attempt a climb).  But some of the more touching moments involved achieving items that required no travel, such as making one laugh until you cry.  Or, toward the end of the movie during a eulogy when Jack Nicholson's character realizes he has helped a total stranger, who then became his dear friend.

The writing is impeccable, such that I hope that more films are produced from the team that wrote this one.  And with two accomplished actors like Nicholson and Freeman, the dialog and acting draw you into their personal stories. 

What do you think?  Was The Bucket List an inspring film?  The comments section awaits.

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