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Chris Bowler

A thousand suggestions

Since posting the original Bucket Quiz, I've literally received over a thousand emails with suggestions telling me what they would add to the list.  These emails have come from people all over the world.  It's not surprising that most have come from English-speaking countries, especially the UK, Australia, and the U.S. of course.  The frequency of emails I have received has been steady over the years, typically I receive a handful of suggestions every week.  Unfortunately I haven't saved them all, especially the early ones, which is a primary reason why I opened up this new website.  No longer must a suggestion just pass by my eyes - you can add your suggestion easily right here for all to see.

I will be sharing some of the more interesting suggestions that I have received in future posts.  Some of them are funny, others very usual, and some suggestions are just inspiring.  Stay tuned.

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Recent suggestions for top 100

  • "Swim with a wale, its possible my uncle did it! "


  • "Run the world as The God For 1 day"

    Amit Gupta

  • "get a tattoo of a dick on youre back i mean like the whole back"

    the fuzzy muffen man

  • "have a girls/guys night out"


  • " I enjoyed this quiz"

    Anji Fipps

  • "I still have so much to do - I'd better get busy!"

    Linda Ann Kwak

  • "Watch The Sunset From The Highest Peak In The World "


  • "1. Witness a complete miracle that you never expected. 2. Spend all night lookin"