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Chris Bowler

An email from Pat



Sometimes we get a wake-up call from out of the blue.  Mine came within an email, from a woman named Pat. 


Here's her email:


I found your website but for other reasons. I just learned I have brain cancer. It is inoperable. I was an active, productive teacher of children (grades 3 and 4) and suddenly realize I am having difficulty doing simple things. Gosh, that sucks. 
I made good, sound educational decisions and now my brain has trouble doing little things. 
You're young and your life is ahead of you. I'm looking back and I see so many regrets. And I shouldn't because I did a lot of good things. I taught a generation of students, I influenced a generation. But I'm looking, glaring at the few errors I did make. Like, why didn't I make better financial decisions? Why do I hold on to past regrets? I am a child of an alcoholic and I can't get past that? Why? 
I have no idea why I am writing these thoughts to a complete stranger, but I am. Maybe because a complete stranger may have an answer. And who knows? You may never even look at your own website. But I needed to write and get it on paper. 
Any way. Have a good life. And I have a feeling you make a difference in a lot of people's lives. 
- From someone in NYS. 


I saved Pat's email but didn't follow up.  That was back in late 2008.  It was one of those things that make an impact for me.  And why, after receiving hundreds of emails about the Bucket Quiz, that I decided to keep it going, and even to create the present website.  Pat didn't even see this latest incarnation, but saw the previous version of the Quiz. 


Pat battled her cancer until June, 2009 and then passed away.  I wasn't aware at the time but in writing about her email, I discovered this news, almost three years later. 


Pat didn't know exactly why she bothered to write me that email.    But perhaps by publishing it now, others can appreciate what Pat saw, and turn to live life to the fullest.  Rest in peace, Pat - you continue to teach others even today.


Life is a gift from God and he never takes his gift in return. some one who dies, he doesnt believe on this gift. Love something which will stay alive forever, that is your beloved who is sitting in you. A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

How to hear him within you, we need to reduce the inner noice.

One more things before someone die.

Donate Blood at least once to save mankind.

WOW,, I stumbled across your site while searching for ideas and other peoples Bucket List..

As im only 23 in june 2012 and i scored 23. I think im doing pretty well.

Pats email is very touching and made me realise why i myself have decided to do a Bucket List.

At first it was just for fun as i fancied the challenge but now it is much more. Life is to short and im going to grab my opportunities with both hands. Ive decided to have mine as before im 30 but as it seems when u start you just cant stop adding to the list so it may well be a ongoing journey in life..

This is the best site i have seen as nothing has been as personal as Pats open and honest email. I hope more people see this and decide to realise just what can be achieved.

Thank you so much

one thing everyone must do,
Beat the hell on that one person yo hate the most on your own someday,somewhere. :D

I don't know what should one do before die .....but one should complete all the duty of one's life....

She is.. she is still teaching other people every day. I'm the one that learned today. Rest in peace, Pat.

Learn how to knit and knit something
Bake a good tasting batch of cookies
see a show on Broadway
go through a rain forest tour
take a picture with your favorite celebrity
go to a comedy club
Change a tire (I'm a girl)

Make a mistake and correct it.
Hold a stranger's hand and walk for a while 😊
Watch someone sleeping peacefully being whole night awake yourself.
Booze until you go mad.
Try sleeping an entire day.
Learn foreign slangs and use it liberally 😆
Propose your best friend.
Most importantly Love ❤

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