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Chris Bowler

An Idiot Abroad - The Bucket List


There have been several TV shows and movie dedicated to doing bucket lists, but a new program debuting on the Science Channel is An Idiot Abroad 2 - The Bucket List.  The show chronicles reluctant traveler, Karl Pilkington, through a series of bucket list activities. The twist is that his colleagues, Ricky and Stephen, are in control.  Standard bucket list items like Bungee jumping turn into something unexpected.  In the first episode, Karl chickens out in doing the typical Bungee jump off of a bridge in New Zealand, only to find that his friends have thrown in a twist to challenge him to dive from a rickety tower made by a local tribe.  It's ten times more scary than the original jump he avoided.

The show is both entertaining and funny. Turns out that Karl and his overseers are comedians in the UK.  The show airs weekly and we'll see what other bucket list items become tortuous and harrowing experiences. 



A huge smile to the opposite sex of you.
See Cape Town South Africa
Get your life straight with your affairs
See as many countries overseas as you can for beautiful memories
Its never too late to do a degree - do Open University)
Tell your childen you love them
Be reconciled with family and friends
If you want to die in a different area - get moving!

Before I die I want to write a blog.
Before I die I want to experience a white christmas in Europe.
Before I die I want to Live.

Some other things to do that don't involve going abroad (maybe)-Make a difference to someone's life, Adopt an animal from the pound, Leave a huge tip for a meal, ect...

nice quiz but we need simple questions and less questions too.
but it feels great and relaxing.
thank you :)

Pray to God for not being a better person for the kingdom

1. Be an extra on the stage/TV/film set.

2. Walk across a country. Do a coastal path. Make it at least 500 miles and do it on your own. (My walks were across Iberia N to S & W to E, 600 &1,000+ respectively.

Regards El Tortuga

Walk over hot coals laughing like a loon. Rub a spoon on your bum. Hang off a bridge. Learn to backflip. Eat a full cheese. Have a proper food fight e.g throw oranges,bananas,paster at eachother. Kiss your crush. Make a teepee and camp in it. Roll down a hill in a barrel. Get drunk with your crush. Start a youtube account. Write a novel. Eat a raw potato.

from Emma, age 10

smoking weed all day, sniff cocaine, be on drugs all week

How did you make this website? Oh and witness the Northern Lights(:

If you could rely that would be awesome!

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