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Chris Bowler

An Inspiring Email


Occasionally I receive emails from visitors to my Quiz.  A few years ago, I received this one:


Hi Chris,


I loved your 100 things to do list. I am 25 and am at a complete loss with what to do with my life. I feel like I am unhappy, but realise that i have no idea what will make me happy anyway. Your list is an inspiration and there are some things on there that I would like to try.


Thanks for giving me some hope.


Kind regards




I don't know Natalie.  Never met her.  I suspect she is from the UK given some of the spelling in her email.  Whereever she lives, I hope that she is able to find happiness through other life experiences.  For whatever you might call a Bucket List, it is a series of ways to experience life that you will never forget.  Will checking items off the List bring happiness?  I don't know, but perhaps Natalie is able finding out.

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Zobring is totally on my Bucket List. I'm sure I'll end up caked in vomit at the end of the tumble, but I think it'd be really cool...in hindsight.

My list is here http://elleswim.wordpress.com

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