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Chris Bowler

Bucketing the Bucket List


Why are some things on my Bucket Quiz and others are not?  It's certainly a highly personal decision and everyone's bucket quiz should be their own.  But if you look closely at the different types of questions, you'll see that they fall into different categories, or - excuse the pun - "buckets". 


There are at least four major categories on the Bucket Quiz.  Each category is completely different but has its place not just as something on a list of things to do before you die, but on everyone's "to do list" of life in general.


Clearly, many of the Quiz entries travel-related of things to see or do before you die.  For example, drinking beer at Oktoberfest in Munich is something that I can't do unless I'm willing to get on an airplane.  Same with "rafting through the Grand Canyon" and "scuba diving off Australia's Great Barrier Reef."


Others are more than just travel-related, but are experiential.   "Swimming with a dolphin", "skydiving," or "showering in a waterfall."  Some of these are as simple as taking the time needed to plan and do the activity.  I can easily "go up in a hot air balloon" if I commit to finding a hot air balloon tour company and am willing to pay for the experience.  But "running a marathon" is something that will obviously take more time to prepare.  Still other items here may never be accomplished no matter how much time and money I might expend.  I'd like to get a "hole in one" on the golf course, but I realize that this may never happen.


Another category is focused on self improvement.  Items such as "learning to take a compliment" and "learning to use a microphone and give a speech in public" are a few examples.   There are many items around improving oneself.  This category, like the entire list itself, is truly endless.


Another category are things that do good, through acts of charity or kindness.  "Giving your mom a dozen red roses and telling her you love her" is a perfect example of this.  Even more altruistic are entries like, "teach someone illiterate to read."   This is the category that intrigues me the most, and one where many readers have responded with numerous suggestions.  These are some small, but potent, acts like "Giving blood."  Another, that merits attention is to "save someone's life".  Isn't that a must-do for each of us before we die?


So Travel, Experiential, Self Improvement and Altruistic are the four buckets that seem to make up the full quiz.  But what categories or "buckets" am I missing?  Feel free to leave your comments by clicking the balloon button above. 

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