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Chris Bowler

Out with the Old

For those who have bookmarked the old Bucket Quiz, I officially switched over to this new site.  You can still visit the old site. But I must warn you, it is 13 years old - and it looks that way!100things.png  Finally, a new website for this century.  Yes, back in 1997, I created the old site as a personal project to learn about the web and, in the process, teach myself the wonders of HTML.  I still remember going through technical manuals on how to create scripts to run the quiz.  I could have done that today with the new site, but luckily I know technical folks who are much better at this than me.  Still, I have fond memories of the old website that hosted the quiz for such a long time.  

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  • "enjoy yourselves in salm area..............."


  • "beat a world record."


  • "Have a baby of your own"


  • "skydive with a loved one or friends watching the sun set"

    Josh Rees

  • "I think one of the best things to do before you die could be to fart in a elevat"


  • "Leave not a trace."


  • "Visit all the continents. (bonus points for antarctica) Order the longest, most"


  • "Climb a mountain"

    Steve Mchugh