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Chris Bowler

Truly Selfless Acts

The Bucket Quiz is an adventure through life.  But there are some suggestions that belong in their own class.  As mentioned below, these things involve acts of charity or kindness.  To me, they are the truly selfless acts that inspirational at their core.

Consider:  "Saving someone's life".  What more profound act could you do?  But their are smaller acts as well. One suggestion is relatively simple: "Give Blood."  Or, think about this suggestion which came in recently: "Spend at least a day volunteering at a soup kitchen and get to know the stories of the people you serve." 

These suggestions don't provide any real return in enjoyment like the other items on the Quiz.  But they certainly are more important.  Don't you think?  Comments are welcome.


is "Break a World Record" on your bucket list? And how about "Save a Life?" Well join in this event organised by a friend of mine and you can put big fat ticks in both those boxes - Cool Huh! They are campaigning tirelessly to save lives by raising awareness of testicular cancer! The World Record attempt is taking place Sunday 30th May in Essex - go on you know you want to... http://www.thetesticletour.com/funday.htm

The Testicle Tour

I created a great site for people to create, manage and share bucket lists.


Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

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